We are pleased to announce that Vitality, the award winning health insurance providers, have become a recent addition to our panel of insurers. They are a relatively ‘new’ insurer to the U.K. market uniquely they offer critical illness cover without a war exclusion, subject to underwriting, to HM Forces. They do, however, impose strict limits on the total amount of cover they will offer to serving members of HM Forces- which may or may not be important to you.

Historically, most insurers offered critical illness without such an exclusion but they have over recent years withdrawn this benefit - this doesn’t mean your occupation isn’t covered, it usually is. However, some of the more injury-related perils covered now tend to have an exclusion for war.

The Vitality proposition is not the cheapest in the market-place, but it is unique. The idea is that the customer engages with the insurer over the life of the policy and is offered continuing discounts on their premium if they meet certain ‘health tests’. They are also offered discounted visits to Champney’s, flights, free cinema tickets etc so could be worthwhile for some of our clients but certainly not for all. Claims are often paid on a ‘severity basis’.

Depending what you do in the military, Vitality may be worth considering. Sometimes it can be a good idea to arrange the critical illness through Vitality for the client in the military but arrange the life cover through an alternative insurer. Members of the RAF and Royal Navy may not really have a need for critical illness with cover for war, it really depends on the client’s individual circumstances. We can, of course, guide you through the options before you make a decision.

We will continue to consider Vitality on a case by case basis for our clients. Please speak to an experienced adviser for more information.

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