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Serious illness can happen to anyone at any time and may significantly impact your ability to work.

Even if you are incapacitated for as little as a few months, being ill can have a devastating effect on you and your family.

Many people are under the impression that HM Forces will be able to support you in such circumstances, however they may only provide support if the illness has been caused by your occupation.

Military Direct provides Critical Illness Insurance that offers your family protection from the financial impact of critical illness. Most providers ensure that you receive a tax free lump sum following the diagnosis of a wide range of specific illnesses. These may range from certain types of cancer, heart attack and stroke, to brain tumour and major organ failure.

Some providers cover even more potential illnesses including blindness, loss of limbs, traumatic head injury, deafness, third degree burns and total and permanent disability - to mention just a few - and can even cover your children at no additional cost.

Speak to our specialist advisers today about how you can protect yourself and your family from critical illness - and get a free, no obligations, personalised quote.

Take out a policy now and receive the benefits of the Military Direct Client Reward Scheme.

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