There are many insurance brokers that claim to be experts within the Military Personnel sector, so selecting one can often be a challenge. Here are several reasons why Military Direct is the right choice for you...

We genuinely have expertise in your sector...

Experience and expertise is something most brokers will claim to have, but our 25-year background in working exclusively with members of HM Forces stands testimony to our strength. Other insurance brokers that claim to ’specialise’ usually have a vast range of other ’specialist’ areas they also work within. Military Direct however, is - and always has been - dedicated solely to military personnel. This means our knowledge is unique to your sector, therefore you receive a first rate standard of service tailored to your specific needs.

You will benefit from the way we work...

Our low overheads allow us to offer our service at the most competitive prices, providing an unrivalled standard of service at an affordable rate.

Our research has also proven that a majority of our clients prefer to arrange insurance over the telephone or internet rather than have face-to-face advice sessions and home visits.

As a result, our service is entirely telephone based. This means that we do not have a team of Sales Advisers on the road and therefore, the costs we save help to finance our Client Reward Scheme, enabling our customers to be instantly rewarded for their business and loyalty.

You will be rewarded through our Client Reward Scheme

The Military Direct Client Reward Scheme has been introduced to ensure that our valued customers are instantly rewarded when they take out a policy.

Our reward scheme has become incredibly popular with our customers, who have been delighted to receive rewards such as iPad Minis or cash rewards, as soon as they become clients.

We reward our clients the moment they take out a Military Direct policy - (subject to terms and conditions) - a majority of which qualify for a free iPad Mini - which is currently the most popular reward we offer. However, if you would prefer something different, we can also pay the cash equivalent of an iPad Mini directly into your bank account!

Military Direct has a business account with John Lewis and any products we order are delivered by John Lewis themselves. This means safe, swift, reliable delivery is ensured. (iPad Minis also come with a minimum of a 2-year guarantee).

We also reward our clients if they recommend Military Direct, giving you a gift of £50.00 for every new client that comes on board as a result of any recommendation - Then of course, the new client is also entitled to their own iPad mini or cash back reward where applicable and subject to terms and conditions!

We keep things simple...

At Military Direct, we have always strived to remove the complexity from insurance products, by explaining things clearly and concisely without using unnecessary jargon. Our service is personalised to your needs and we offer no obligation quotes - free of cost. Our advisers are seasoned experts in your sector and will therefore offer you the advice and information that will ensure that you choose the policy best suited to your needs.

So there you have it - if it’s expertise, experience, reliability and affordability you are looking for - Military Direct will deliver it with clarity - whilst rewarding you for your custom and loyalty.

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