Last week it was announced that the MoD is to launch a competition in its search to develop a drone that can be controlled in swarms.

The themed competition aims to reveal the benefits that Unmanned Air System (UAS) swarms could bring to defence.

The competition is being launched to find an invention that will allow an army of the drones to be controlled remotely and simultaneously, allowing them to take on a battalion in combat zones. This would enable the drones to act like a swarm of wasps - controlled by a single, lone operator. The project is called ’Many drones make light work’ - and it is expected that firms and drone specialists have already been invited to compete for a grant that will fund them to be the first to develop the technology.

The winners of the competition - being fronted by the Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) and the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) - will share £3 million prize money of the tax payer.

The Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) said, the application of swarming UAS will be used missions in complex urban and littoral environments.

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